Monday, August 16, 2010

Homemade watermelon jelly with rose scented geraniums flavor

Watermelon jelly with rose scented geraniums

Watermelon is available year-round  with peak production in July and August, so is time to make Watermelon Jelly.

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Watermelon jelly with rose scented geraniums Skeleton-Rose
My recipe about how to make / prepare Watermelon Jelly is natural flavoured with rose scented pelargoniums / geraniums leaves.
Most important: this jelly is made without preservatives, artificial fruit pectin or any food additives.

Homemade watermelon jelly with rose scented geraniums recipe:

Recipe ingredients:

  • 3 kilograms of bite-size chunks watermelon, peeled and without seeds
  • 1 kilogram sugar
  • a bunch of fresh rose scented geraniums leaves - my choice was Skeleton Rose aka Pelargonium Radens

peeled watermelonRecipe instructions:

Wash watermelon, cut the melon open and start scooping out the contents with seeds.

small pieces of peeled melon
After this, peels the watermelon rind and chop it in small pieces and strain it through a fine sieve.

small pieces of peeled melon with sugar
Pour sugar in watermelon in a large deep kettle, let the mixture for few hours until the melon juice covers fruits, then cook it slowly for 3-4 hours to evaporate half of its volume.

watermelon jelly flavored with rose scented pelargonium
Add scented geraniums bunch in the boiling fruit mixture, stir down constantly for 1 minute. Cook it for 15 minutes more until the jelly will be flavored with rose aroma, then remove the boiled leaves from jelly.
Pour hot fruit jelly in clean warm jelly jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space and seal them. Allow to cool completely away from drafts and place jars in dry and dark place. If you want to served chilled, first refrigerate it for more savor.


Mother Moon said...

sounds wonderful. I have never tasted watermelon jelly but can just imagine how good it would be

Scented Leaf said...

You should try it! Is a taste-tastalizing jelly for rose scented lovers.

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for telling me about this recipe. I've got the watermelon, I just need to track down some rose geraniums!

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