Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to make Rose Water using Rose Scented Pelargoniums

Rose Water using Rose Scented Pelargoniums / Geraniums
Pelargonium Radens / Skeleton Rose flower
Pelargoniums with Rose Scented Leaves have a multitude of uses as well as being a delightful and decorative plant for the garden.
There are a vast array of forms and fragrances available as result of many years of hybridization from Pelargonium Capitatum, Pelargonium Radens, Pelargonium Graveolens variegated.
These scented pelargoniums  have been used in the perfumery industry and are valued for their subtle fragrance.

 Alchimia Handmade Vegetal Fragranced Bath Soap - Geranium (Made in Italy)Attar of Roses oil is the most expensive geranium oil. The fragrant essential oils from rose scented geraniums  are used in perfumes, colognes, Rose water, scented candles, scented Potpourri-es, scented soaps.

Pelargonium Capitatum / Attar of Roses flower
1/3 oz Egyptian Rose Geranium Essential OilGeranium oil combined with almond oil and lavender oil make a wonderful massage oil, but should be used with caution as for sensitive skin people may cause a mild rash.

GERANIUM (5ML)The herbalist recommend rose geranium like an excellent mood enhancer and is used frequently in aromatherapy.  

In house you can made bath sachets by enclosing fresh scented leaves  in a fine material like in a little bag and hanging it under the tap when filling the bath.

I 'm looking to buy a home essential oil distiller in next period, but until then I use the next recipe to make rose water in house for myself. This can be used for facial steams for its anti-ageing effects on the skin. Rose water and fresh leaves infused into water also can be used as a final hair rinse for healthy-looking shine.

Pelargonium Graveolens Variegated Lady Plymouth flower

Homemade Rose Water using Rose Scented Pelargoniums recipe:
Combine 15 rose scented geraniums leaves and few rose scented geranium flowers with 200 ml of purified water and simmer for 15 minutes.
Leave to steep for 4-5 hours and remove the leaves and flowers.
Keep refrigerated  in a sterilized jar for 2-3 weeks.


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