Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seeds from Pelargonium Grossularioides / Scented Coconut Geranium

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seeds Scented Pelargonium Coconut aka Pelargonium Grossularioides aka Geranium Coconut  is an evergreen perennial spreadable plant which grows to about six inches high (but can be trained vertically using plant supports) and is more cold tolerant than other pelargoniums.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides Coconut plant with seeds

Pelargonium Grossularioides has rounded small-lobed toothed shiny-green coconut-scented leaves. In the spring and summer it bear a lot of clusters of star-shaped small flowers light-magenta, followed by small curly-tailed brownish seeds.

The Geraniums / Pelargoniums common name, "cranesbill" or "storksbill" derives from the appearance of the fruit capsule, which is long and looks like the bill of a crane / stork.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seed

Scented Pelargonium / Geranium Coconut seedPelargoniums seeds are adapted to wind dispersal,  with a feathered, spiral tail like attachment.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seed

So don't wait too long to remove them from plants, or their seeds will fly away in the wind because are light in weight.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seeds

I collected most of coconut seeds from my plants, but perhaps I will have many "volunteers" plants in my garden in next period from the seeds sprouted on its own. I gathered scattered seeds and  removed the seed-heads from the plants; their drying process will continue indoor.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seedheads

Coconut geranium / scented pelargonium grossularioides grows quickly and easily from seeds and makes a very attractive potted plant with tiny purple flowers.

Scented Pelargoniums Grossularioides / Coconut Geraniums flower

How to grow pelargonium plants from seeds:
Raising scented geraniums / pelargoniums  from seed gives the ability to grow inexpensively plants.
Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seeds
Sow seeds in late summer to early autumn. Seed germinates in 2-3 weeks. The seed should be sown in a light, well-drained potting mix. Sow them indoors in a sterile seed-starting medium.( avoid soil from the garden which likely contains disease organisms) and plant them into a half-and-half mixture of sphagnum peat moss with vermiculite.

Scented Pelargonium Grossularioides / Coconut Geranium seed-headSprinkle the seeds evenly in the seed tray about 1/4 inch deep and 2 inches apart. Water the seeds gently and place them in light shade with no direct sun. Keep moist by misting or cover with plastic until seeds sprout. Move seedlings to a small pot when they have few leaves. When plant size and weather permit you can begin to harden off seedlings and gradually allow them exposure to sunlight and increase the amount of time they spend outdoors.

Scented Pelargoniums Grossularioides / Coconut Geraniums flower and leaf

The Coconut plant is fast growing from seeds; it thrives on very little care and is easy to grow and bring into flower in hanging baskets. Is surprisingly how many seeds I gathered from my climbing plant.

Bag full of Scented Pelargoniums Grossularioides / Coconut Geraniums seeds
 What I gonna do now with so many seeds ?!?


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