Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I name Thee Stanley Park - Lord Stanley

... or Xwayxway, (pronounced “kwhy-kway”) according to First Nations proposal.

Those days the sun was really hot in Vancouver and these mean long walkies  through Stanley Park to escape from August's heat. This amazing park with blooming gardens, kid-friendly spots as Water Park, Vancouver's Aquarium and Miniature Railway is home for squirrels, coyotes, raccoons and local birds: swans, goose, blue heron and seagulls.
Stanley Park has 400 hectares and was opened in October 1888 by Lord Frederick Stanley whose statue welcomes you at the park's main  entrance from Georgia Street. He named the park with his name after he was appointed Queen's representative and sixth Governor General of Canada.

Lord Stanley Statue from Stanley Park Vancouver

His words are engraved on the plaque "To the use and enjoyment of people of all colours, creeds and customs, ..., I name Thee Stanley Park" 

Lord Stanley (15 January 1841 - 14 June 1908) gave in 1892 to Canada a treasured national symbol - The Stanley Cup, as an award for Canada's amateur hockey club, and  the Cup became the championship trophy of the NHL in 1926.  As a very little know fact, a recording of Lord Stanley voice in 1888 is one of the oldest known recordings of the human voice to still exist using Edison's phonographs and you can find more about this on the Canadian Historical Sound Recordings  " It was this type of phonograph upon which the oldest surviving recording 1, a message of Lord Stanley, Canada's Governor-General, to the people and president of the United States, was made."

Vancouver's Coal Harbour Marina near Stanley Park main entranceLost Lagoon near Stanley Park main entranceSince 1960, when the statue was erected in his honor, Lord Stanley has been looking how Vancouver is growing, keeping marina on his left, and Lost Lagoon on his right.

Vancouver's Marina near Stanley Park main entrance
Lost Lagoon at sunset near Stanley Park main entrance

He is looking at generations of nature, fitness and cycling enthusiasts which enjoy the extensive seawall path circumnavigating the city for 22km, passing nearest his statue, featuring the Stanley Park en route. Coal Harbour seawall has 2,2, km and in the nearby of Lord Stanley Statue is continued with Stanley Park section for 8,8 km.
Say "Hello" to Lord Stanley  when you walk by this first point of entry in one of the largest parks in the world and enjoy the time spent in a scenic beauty and peaceful place away from city noise.

For getting there, you can walk, bike, drive or take the bus:

View Lord Stanley Statue from Stanley Park in a larger map

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