Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scented Memories

I like to wake up surrounded by the fragrances of my scented garden. In the morning, my senses are invaded by subtle fragrances of Pelargoniums. I inhale their soft scents and I remember the garden with rose bushes, geraniums, peonies and tulips from childhood.
I choose my plants not only for their beauty. The plants taught me to touch, smell, taste or hearing.
The drops of water droping on the leaves and the wind beating by leaves was learning me to listen nature. 
I was learning to touch gentle by touching soft and smooth petals and by exploring different plant textures.
Not only fruits and vegetables is stimulating sense of taste. I like to taste aromatic herbs and scented flowers leaves and blooms. 
My garden taught me how is changed my mood around plants: jasmine make me feel sleepy, lavander and rosemary energise me, and the roses relax me when release their scents. 
Gardening with Hardy Geraniums
I love having scented geraniums in my garden. I like to abandon myself when wrapping me in their essence like in a grandma's delicate hug. I feel their subtle scent meshing with mine, inducing me a pleasant mood.
I am covering with their flavor and recalling the timeless tale of childhood and romance while relaxing the mind and soul.

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Scented Leaf - Skeleton Rose Pelargonium

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