Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing Seagulls

 Flying seagull

In park, near the ocean and on the Lost Lagoon the seagulls made their home
and for their lovely nest they choose the Stanley's forest dome.

 seagull on the rock
 Curious seagull

 quacking seagulls

Loudly quacking when claiming food, dive in with style and grab it with their beaks;
looking for fish which comes out from the waves while wait the next crab to be picked.

seagull with crabseagull eating crab

Seagulls, Lost Lagoon, Vancouver

I like the seagulls flight across the ocean or over land sustained by their majestic wings
and their tenacity when dancing in the air, between the heaven lights and other flying things,
without tension are hanging on when are pushed around by stronger winds in open skies
unexpectedly skydiving with their fluttering  feathers from the unbelievable heights.

seagull in sunlight


Mother's Moon's Message said...

the title alone caught my attention... have to say I never thought of a seagull as dancing.

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