Friday, August 13, 2010

Abbotsford International Airshow 2010 starts today

Abbotsford, International Air-Show 2009Abbotsford is going to be busy this weekend because on the Abbotsford International Airport situated in the breathtaking Fraser Valley region of British Columbia takes place

"The Abbotsford International Airshow" on August 13, 14 and 15. I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll go there.
The Abbotsford Airshow began in 1962 attracted 15,000 people and was an unqualified success. Since then, aircraft enthusiasts has been watching every year the Abbotsford Airshow to the Fraser Valley.
What can I bring to the 2010 Airshow?  I will bring to the Airshow my friends and my family, I will take with me sunscreen, a hat, an sun-shading umbrella (you can't bring to the airshow large shading tents), my trench, my photo camera, lawn chairs, blankets and even ear-plugs for the noise.

Abbotsford, International AirShow 2009I'm very curious about the teams, performers, and shows up in the sky: CAF Skyhawks, CAF Snowbirds, USAF Heritage Flight, US Navy Legacy Flight, Avro Lancaster, B-25 Mitchell and many more.

On the ground will see dozens of aircraft on static display including: heavies C-5 Galaxy,  C-130 Hercules (USAF), CC-150 Polaris,  the fighter CF-18 Hornet, the light-transporter C-21 Lear Jet or CH-149 Cormorant helicopter.
Abbotsford International AirShow 2009 Last year we had a lot of fun watching in the air the fighter planes, transporters and civilian planes. The highlight of the show in 2009  for me was the "Canadian Forces’ Snowbirds" show, the world famous aerobatics squadron which is made up of nine planes flying in formation.

 Abbotsford International AirShow 2009
After the Airshow proper began. we spent the next 7 hours squinting into the sky and taking pictures of anything in the air with wings.
Abbotsford International AirShow 2009
Abbotsford International Air-Show 2009
Sometimes we were a bit frightened by the loud sounds of the jets over our heads but quickly got used to all the noise.
Abbotsford International AirShow 2009 We were impressed also by  the terrestrial assault with pyrotechnics demonstrations from the ground.

Abbotsford International AirShow 2009

Abbotsford International AirShow 2009We were able to get close up view of the fighter military planes, warbirds, civilian planes and helicopters.

Abbotsford International AirShow 2009

Abbotsford International AirShow 2009

We were parking our car and camping near the north field entrance of the airshow.

Abbotsford International AirShow 2009
Was nice because Saturday evening once the show was done, we went back to our tent and we did not care about the huge lineup as everyone was leaving ;-)
Abbotsford International AirShow 2009
In the evening we were watching as the static aircraft displays of the various airplanes, helicopters and cars that weren't directly involved in the show and the "Hot Ramp" where the performing aircraft were staged.

Current information about 2010’s Air-show (Tickets, Pricing, Parking Spots, etc)  on the official website at:
How to get there in the next map:

View Abbotsford Airshow Entrances in a larger map


Joanna Jenkins said...

What a great memory this sparked. We used to go to the air show in Cleveland as kids. I loved it!

Hope you have a BLAST at yours!


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