Monday, June 7, 2010

School is almost done!

Note to my nephew: Remember that you  should explore your creative side during summer adventures!

Have to go for one more week until the end of the official calendar, but everyone knows that during this week not much will happen. Teenagers are waiting to begin their lovely three months of freedom.

Miniature garden with Asparagus Fern
Miniature garden with Asparagus Fern

Meanwhile they are waiting for their results from all summary/final exams.

Teenagers waiting exams results in minigarden
"No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks"

Yahaa and no more homework, none of the classrooms are doing anything anyhow, really, they all ran into the garden behind the school, you know that ... every person having his own concern ... and yes, mysterious lovers are hiding in the shadows and their love blurs the small marks achieved or not.

Saikei Asparagus Fern
Saikei Asparagus Fern

The ones that may have spent last night at the party ... are sleeping under old trees now. Ok, its called daydreaming ..or dreaming_with_my_eyes_wide_open:

They all know that teachers are concerned more about administrative matters and during next days will deal more with secretarial problems and average score completion.

After the graduation ceremony, and believe me THERE IS LIFE AFTER GRADUATION you should invest your time planing your life, going outdoors, visiting your relatives, walking into parks, going to the parties or swimming in the pool …

For you my dear and all teenagers who are waiting summer vacation: spend this time in a wise manner and ... enjoy this miniature garden!

School is almost done minigarden / saikeiMiniature Garden: School is almost done

Summer 2010 – you can come anytime now!


Mother Moon said...

so carefree at that age... so much of life out in front of them and they hardly even realize it. take advantage of every moment you can.. realish and live entirely in all of them.

Scented Leaf said...

Indeed, they are at the stage where develop their own personality and it is better to be near them at this time.

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