Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lady Plymouth

Latest aquisition in my little garden is parfumed Lady Plymouth which I had a chance to discover few days ago. 
Grey Lady Plymouth or Silver Leaf Rose is an old fashioned rose cultivar of Pelargonium Graveolens also known as Pelargonium x Asperum. It has deeply divided grey-green leaves that are edged and splotched with white. Now is in bloom and it has clusters of small lavender flowers with a lovely rose scent.

Scented Pelargonium / Geranium Lady Plymouth flower

I love Pelargoniums / Geraniums since childhood, especially the scented-leaved species like Graveolens, Citrosum and Odoratissimum. I love the smell releases when it rains and when the wind blows through their foliage.
We visited a nursery located nearby and I was extremely happy when I saw "purple flowers" in a corner. I like its spicy  fragrance and I love it when  is surrounded me with rose flavor. 

Scented Pelargoniums / Geraniums Lady Plymouth flowers


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