Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods: The MovieLost In The Woods: A Photographic Fantasy
Since childhood, I liked to walk through forests and I often felt that I am "Lost in the wood".
Every moment spent in the middle of forest has contributed to my understanding of wildlife. I admired those who have recounted their adventures in books or movies and let you to become part of their life experience.

I "lose myself" in the woods, when I need to put in order my thoughts and "recharge my batteries" with energy.

Hobbit in forest in minigarden
One inherited proverb says that "people are brothers with the forest" and all of us can live in harmony with the forest.
My grandparents taught me many secrets about what you can do when you're single or not in the forest. They had made me not afraid and  not lose my head even in difficult situations.

The worst thing that can happen... maybe you will find one hobbit who cooks something in front of his shelter? OK, just kidding... but even in this case you can turn difficult situation in your favor, and who knows... The Good Fairy and The Elf with their jovial faces will change your fate, or will give you some good advices to improve your destiny?

Is nice and easy to walk through meadows and trees, but sometime difficulties arise when you expect the least: find back your camping place or when you need to cook your food. It's forbidden to light fire into the forest - everybody knows this, but if you are very carefully and is your only source of heat ...
Minigarden with forest

that's it...  you can try it...

 Rain in minigarden forest
Fog in forest in miniature gardenbut  be prepared to contain the fire even  if is wet or  foggy weather.

Ok, now ... how can I get out of here !? !

 View from Minigarden's Tree
Rocks in forest

You can  use  your  GPS device (BTW, my grandparents didn't know to handle it) or if you forgot to take it in your backpack,  you could climb the highest tree to look around ...

or check if any marks was left by other "pioneers" before you ...

Table in the forest

Guess that I dreamed enough...  I'm waiting for my holiday with its warm days when I may walk on long trails, go and camp in the woods. Until then - I left myself carrying the dreams during and I made this  miniature garden / trayscape.

Minigarden / Miniature Garden / Saikei


Unknown said...

The best discoveries I have made in a new city or a new place I travel to, are when I get lost and get off the beaten path. No place is too small for adventures. Very nice post. Thank you Scented Leaf.

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