Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Heron catching lunch in Stanley Park

The Winter has been coming down suddenly in Vancouver, and nobody in Vancouver is prepared for snow or damn cold winter. Ever. Temperatures have plunged below the freezing mark across the whole province and the Saturday weather forecast prepared us for few days of flurries and snow (5-10 cm until Thursday afternoon).

rose covered by snow

I got over the arctic air discomfort and I went out in Stanley Park for a walk. It is snowing and the idyllic scenery with mushrooms,  roses, grass, accent plants and fall leaves still coloring the landscape inspired me to write this post.

First snow over grass and fall leaves

Mushroom in snow
The snow over lawn and walkways are still soft and the town began to cover with a fluffy snow blanket.

accent plants in snow

Lost Lagoon is getting pounded by ice and snow right now. Like me, the birds (geese, ducks, seagulls, Blue Heron) were surprised by this winter. They walk on getting their feet colder and colder, trying to find food, or dance with sparkling snowflakes in the air.

 Blue Herron and seagulls,  Lost Lagoon in winter

The water has frozen and fortunately the birds were fed by "Stanley Park" administrative staff.  The Great Blue Heron seems to be wildly busy catching lunch from the plastic bag...

The Great Blue Heron catching free lunch in Stanley ParkThe Great Blue Heron catching lunch in Stanley Park

... and the seagulls and ducks perform Ice Hockey and apply an offensive strategy  following lines when predict where the food will go  (seems particularly important to let the grains cross right in front of their bodies).
 Blue Herron and seagulls were fed when the Lost Lagoon was frozen

The glittering snow blurs the shape of the objects it coats, makes the paths unbearable and covers the town in a delicate veil of snowflakes.
Seagulls and snowflakes over frozen Lost Lagoon

Inspired by the scenery, I write this lyrics

"First Snow" 

``Announced two days ago by a whispering wind, white snowflakes are dancing up and down
And from the heaven are falling quiet, blurring the woodland around.

The fallen snow makes quite a show which slowly enlightens and turns the scenery white,
like a fluffy blanket that hides the garden and covers the mountains into a surreal light. `` 

snowflakes over grass and fall leaves


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