Thursday, November 18, 2010

Accent Plants in Oyster Shells

Oyster and snail shells collecting becomes like rock collecting, there’s always one more coming into your collection once you start. There are lots of shells around, and I gathered many of them with pleasure in my walking on the beach. I like the jagged outline of the oyster shells and the spirals of snail shells, is fascinating to compare them... I never found two identical.

Accent plants in oyster shells

I'm using them in miniature gardens and small green eco-arrangements to bring into the viewer's soul a bit of serenity and the mirage of the ocean.

For special occasions (as Thanksgiving Day) I bought some giant shells, more specials, and I made nice centerpieces to decorate Thanksgiving's table.

Seashell with snail shell and accent plants on round rock
Last weekend I made some new arrangements to decorate our friend's office for a product presentation.

Seashells with accent plants on Grey rock
Seashell with accent plants on miniature mountain

 The tables were arranged in a circle and the space was quite limited, so we realized small eco-compositions with shells and rocks to transform the room into a  productive and inspiring space.

Seashell with accent plants

Oyster shell with accent plants on calcite rock

Oyster shell with accent plants on a piece of bark

In the Art of Kusamono usually a plant composition includes potted plants and flowers in unique ceramic pots or trays...
I did these arrangements with unique shells (natural trays) and accent plants combined with moss, grass, small rocks, kind of dreamy "micro-gardens" with succulent plants as Sedum Rubrotinctum, Sedum Angelina and Hens and Chicks: Sempervivum Tectorum / Sempervivum Macedonicum.

Oyster shell with succulent plants on calcite rock
Oyster shell with succulent plants on rock table display

To enhance their natural look, we used as display stands few of our rocks and pieces of wood / bark.

Oyster shell with succulent plants on crystalline calcite rock

Oyster shell with succulent plants on a piece of wood

 Hope you like them too.


Beach Bungalow said...

Just lovely!

Come visit me at Beach Bungalow!


Xenia said...

I've never thought about shells as pots before - how unique and pretty!

Have a great weekend!

flutietootie said...

Interesting idea. They would make nice centerpieces. They are also so it would not take away from the table. Great idea.

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