Friday, October 1, 2010

Plant stands and display pedestals

Mini saikei - shell displayed on volcanic rock
Mini saikei - shell displayed on volcanic rock
Natural plants create a refuge from everyday stresses, enhance the beauty of a home, indoors as well as outdoors, and are a lovely way to make home a nice place to be. It doesn't matter if there is a large, spacious room or a small downtown apartment, traditional or modern, a perfect modality to highlight your plants and to add a level of sophistication to your house design is to use plants stands. We are using many natural displays as rocks or drift-woods which allows us to vent our energies creatively:

Mini saikei - shell displayed on marble rock
Mini saikei - shell displayed on marble rocks

Let's talk about stands, stools and display pedestals, existing in a remarkable variety of styles, shapes and finishes. These can be installed indoors or outdoors and use interesting constructions materials to create a more permanent and archaic or contemporary image versus plants and flowers.


Mostly, hanging plant stands are made from wood, acrylic, metals (such as wrought iron) as well as wicker. The most functional stand for outdoor is made from wrought iron stand. It works with any decorating scheme and is a fancy way to put plants in a spotlight, even I am more attracted by natural's stands:

Natural plants stand discovered at Butterfly Garden's indoor pond  - Vancouver Island

Weather resistant, handmade or  as wholesale products from iron - metal with powder- coated  finish protects will add charm to any garden.

By adding wheels, the plant stand can be rolled from room to room or indoors and outdoors according to the seasons.

Plant Stand, Green, Wheels.

Indoor, in a modern day homes, in airy and light rooms, wood stands are preferred to give plants a place to grow without ruining floor.

Lucky Elephant Interior Decorative Plant Planter Stand

Wood plant stands are usually well-made, top quality, painted with landscape and floral designs or crafted with care to look great and last a lifetime, bringing an art accent for any room or office spaces.

Hand Carved Marble Inlaid Elephant Stand in Cherry Finish #AD 61110

Interesting and exotic display pedestals stands will allow to any plant lovers to showcase favorite plants inside the home as well as on the patio or in the garden. Also, the tiered plant stands for tiered planters, decorated with folk art motifs will allow to bring the beauty of plants in a very nice way.

For persons who have lots of plants, outdoor plant stands can be made from two or more shelves to displaying multiple plants at once, or built a greenhouse by combining multiple plant stands from PVC or even steel pipes.

Today you can choose for your plants small greenhouses with  fluorescent light attachments, giving them a boost of light for healthy. Another option is to customize the flow of watering according to the plant's specific needs or to maintain optimum air circulation.

What do you expect from a plant stand: price,quality, innovative design, durability ... or all of the above ?


Anonymous said...

wow look very nice "mini saiki"

Anonymous said...

very nice.I did som work i have them in my face book album.farshid zibaee.

Flower Pot said...

Very nice...I love the stands with rocks and shells.

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