Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snowflake miniature living bonsai

People have been viewing indoor miniature living landscapes and bonsai for centuries. For me, those inspire thought and improve my moods in cloudy or raining days.

Miniature living pelargonium bonsai Snowflake in blue bonsai pot

Miniature living pelargonium bonsai Snowflake

I love to walk and enjoy outdoors, but in Vancouver are a lot of raining days and what can I do?

I can walk and get rained on or I can bike and get rained on even with an umbrella or wearing rain gear... the con point being I'll catch a cold.

On the pro side of all this rain we decide to look through the window the impressive force of nature and to enjoy one of my favorite activities: doing living crafts and miniature gardens,  bringing a touch of sunny green and natural look to our living-room.

Miniature living pelargonium pre-bonsai Snowflake

Scented Pelargonium Snowflake are my latest children, added to my scented pelargonium collection . We bought them from a nursery around Vancouver two month ago.

Pelargonium Snowflake small plantsScented Pelargonium Snowflake leaves 

I don't know yet if it was labeled properly, because, according with the many websites, Scented Pelargonium Snowflake are from round-leaf rose scented family - has small, rounded leaves that are soft green marked with a hit-or-miss irregular white variegated patches and lemon-rose scent.

Snowflake small branch
Rose scented pelargonium Snowflake leaf

My plants doesn't look like "Atomic Snowflake" (see my other post about "Atomic Snowflake" ) and haven't white spots. Their large, slightly lobed leaves looks more like the Pelargonium "Snowflake Rose" leaves, having redish notes and strong rose scent. Maybe someone will help me to categorize them correctly.

Until then, we re-potted them in nice bonsai pots and we are gonna take some miniature living arrangements. We decorated them with some accent plants, rocks, turface and decorative sand, but we payed more attention to the bigger pre-bonsai. The angel and the shell lantern is for inspiration, and the exposed root on the piece of wood is for the show...

Miniature living pelargonium bonsai Snowflake with one root exposed, angel and shell-lanternMiniature living pelargonium bonsai Snowflake with one root exposed

Click & drag to interact with the next 3D object movie.
If zoomed in, you can hold the SHIFT key to move the image with the mouse.


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