Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pelargonium Charity

"Charity"  is one of the scented pelargoniums with amazing variegated foliage. Its foliage has irregular golden-lime edges around the dark-shaded green center.
It is a tender evergreen perennial which needs protection over winter and grow like crazy in direct sunlight. It has a vigorous upright growing habit with bushy branches, similar with most lemon-rose scented pelargoniums, thus our plant is shaped in a columnar style.
Pelargonium Charity - the stem grows columnar with bushy branches
Pelargonium Charity - the stem grows columnar with bushy branches

Pelargonium "Charity" is another plant from our collection which was awarded with "Award of Garden Merit (AGM)", being recommended to grow by Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) (like Pelargonium Frank Headley). 

Pelargonium Charity variegated leaves
Pelargonium Charity variegated leaves

The leaves are deeply lobed, hairy, with a soft texture and at any touch it is released a powerful smell of citrus with rose notes. I like to use them to decorate my dishes and to add flavor in cooking , especially in deserts: ice-cream, scented sugar, poached fruits or herbal ice-tea.

Pelargonium Charity flowers
Pelargonium Charity flowers

Scented Pelargonium "Charity" is known also as Lemon-rose Geranium "Charity". The flowers are typical for lemon-rose varieties of scented pelargoniums, growing in clusters of 5-7 small lavender-pink  flowers with darker markings on the upper petals.

Pelargonium Charity flowers and leaves in sunlight
Pelargonium Charity flowers and leaves in sunlight

It is a prolific bloomer, has a dense foliage and once the plant is aging,  the stems became woody.

The contrast between the color of the leaves and the flowers looks really stunning in the sunlight - even the bear is amazed by it ;-).

Pelargonium Charity woody stem, with bear figure
Pelargonium Charity woody stem


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