Thursday, January 20, 2011

Geraniums in the form of a column

It is a long time since I wrote my article about my scented pelargoniums bonsai. Well, I know, they are most known as scented geraniums, although their name was changed in 1789 when Charles Louis L'H̩ritier de Brutelle (1746 Р1800, French botanist and magistrate) has made a study about the differences between Geranium and Pelargonium. That was the period when Pelargonium become a separate species of plants from Geraniaceae Family. Bye-bye Geraniums ... welcome Pelargoniums!

Geranium Snowflake in a form of a column  with rose-scented foliage
Geranium Snowflake in a form of a column  with rose-scented foliage

I like to spend time shaping and pruning them ... not sure because their appearance or just to be surrounded by their scents (the scent is more powerful when you cut / crush a leaf and/or a branch).

Most of them have bushy allure, but the citrus scented geraniums: "Prince of Orange" and "Frensham Lemon" varieties are growing naturally in form of a column.

Lemon Scented Geranium with the stems growing in a form of columns
Lemon Scented Geranium with the stems growing in a form of columns
This lemon scented geraniums / pelargoniums with small, brights green leaves, woody stem and many side branches (also columnar) became very suitable to be train in formal/ informal upright bonsai style. Use driftwood and rocks for decoration.Yes, you can use any stones ... just wash them carefully, especially the ones from oceans beach. Yup, driftwood as well; salt is not so good for your plants :-)

Scented Geranium Frensham Lemon - the stem is growing in the form of column
"Scented Geranium "Frensham Lemon" - the stem is growing in the form of a column"

Rose-Scented Geranium - with a columnar habit
Rose-Scented Geranium  - with a columnar habit
You will fall into a deep state of wonder when you'll first discover their enchanting scent evoking a sense of tranquility.

Only if you get around them you'll understand my passion for them.

Some of the Rose-scented varieties as Skeleton Rose, Atomic Snowflake or Rober's Lemon Rose presents also a columnar form, with robust, upright habit, but their branches usually wouldn't follow the same columnar form of the main stem and tend to create bushy plants. You should trim them regularly because are fast growing plants (and soon you'll have fresh scented leaves to use for yourself anytime).

Geranium Atomic Snowflake- the stem grows columnar with bushy branches
 Geranium Atomic Snowflake  - the stem grows columnar  with bushy branches

Anyhow, all of them: rose, lemon, orange or lemon - rose scented  geraniums might be trained as bonsai or accent plant despite their relative short period of life. These magnificent plants are living only few years (10-15 in perfect condition), and with little efforts you will make them a great attraction to your house & garden. During the winter you should protect them by winter-frost and be aware that many of them became dormant for some months. Everybody needs some sleep, right ?!

Rose- Scented Geranium on driftwood with branches in the form of columns
Rose- Scented Geranium with branches in the form of  columns

Your senses will be delighted for the entire year by their look and smell and when the blooming period will begin ...  you'll fall in love forever  ... then remember you've learn that from Scented Leaf :-)


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