Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women's with tender hearts, whose roles were so complicated raising us with affection and devotion.  There are no words to convey our appreciation for their patience and countless sacrifices during our entire life.

Mother's Day Special - Miniature gardens with scentedleaf pelargoniums
Miniature gardens with ScentedLeaf Pelargoniums near VanDusen Garden Entrance

 Attar of Roses scented pelargonium miniature bonsai
Attar of Roses

We’ll be always grateful for their implication to shape our future for better, and for their support to pursue our projects and follow our dreams.

Last year we did an workshop,  helping the children from our neighborhood to make micro moss gardens with succulents in oyster shells as Mother's Day gifts for their mothers and teachers.

Mother's Day Special - Micro moss-gardens potted in oyster shells
Micro moss gardens with succulents in oyster shells

Mother's Day Special - Fairy garden with Candy Dancer scentedleaf pelargonium
Candy Dancer, Lemon Rose scented pelargonium
But what may be more suitable for a Mother's Day Gift  than a Fairy Garden with plants exulting her favorite scent?  Choose from a variety of plants with lemon, rose, lemon-rose, apple-nutmeg, coconut or cinnamon scents.

Special for 2012 Mother's Day, we put a lot of time and energy into making floral arrangements and miniature gardens featuring plants with edible, decorative scented foliage.

Joyful unique presents for beloved mothers or grandmothers, like usual decorated with figurines, moss, colored gravel, rocks and accent plants. Some of the protagonists are Scented Geraniums / Pelargoniums   Attar of Roses (rose), Citronella (lemon), Filicifolium (pine), x Fragrance (apple-nutmeg), Candy Dancer (lemon-rose) or Grossularioides (Coconut).

Mother's Day Special - Fairy garden with pelargonium filicifolium
Pelargonium Filicifolium, Fern Leaf, Pine Scented

It's been a while since I wrote this poem to my mother, and it is my best way to express my gratitude for my treasured heirlooms. Hope you'll like it, too.

Mother's Day Special - Fairy garden with pelargonium x Fragrans
Pelargonium xFragrans,  apple-nutmeg scented foliage

Thank you, My Mother!
Thank you for your patience with which you've poured charm and magic into my soul's porch 
To fulfill my desire for beauty and my illiteracy
Thank you for the nights known only by us, when you calmed my pain and you've made yourself a torch
To brighten up my unsleeping, to guide my faith's journey.

Thank you for your stories you've told me dozens of times with love and devotion
Shaping my thinking with examples of kindness and acts of bravery
Thank you for your warm smile and for the heavenly realm in which you raised me up with affection
Giving me the courage to follow my dreams bravely.

Thank you always!
And today, like every year, I give you as gift not just a snowdrop. A full carpet of flowers in bloom
That you deserved it, is blanketed your way, by my paid homage
To your tender heart with which I've grown and for the treasures of my heirloom
That you have given me as precious heritage.

Mother's Day Special - Fairy gardens with pelargoniums and figurines
Scented miniature gardens
Happy Mother's Day to all Moms.


Joanna Jenkins said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day post :-)

It's wonderful that you helped the kids make gifts for their moms and teachers. I sure they are cherished. And man-o-man, they are beautiful.

Have a great Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

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