Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pelargonium "Shottesham Pet"

It's been a year since I've included my first cutting of Pelargonium "Shottesham Pet" (you may read the previous blog post here:  "Concolor Lace, pelargonium with vivid flowers" ) to our collection.  If the foliage smell is not so pleasantly as you would wish (sweet pungent with some nutty notes), I doubt you may find many other scented pelargoniums with such a showy vibrant red-pink blossoms and fancy velvety crinkled leaves.

Pelargonium Shottesham Pet, Concolor Lace, Filbert flowers
Pelargonium "Shottesham Pet" flowers

I believe in love at first sight ;-) thus I planted the rooted cutting into an ornamental pot, which was chosen accordingly to provide more color and beauty at any sight. Also the pot has little feet to allow drainage and air flow and the roots have enough space to expand.

Pelargonium Shottesham Pet, Concolor Lace, Filbert in full bloom
Pelargonium "Shottesham Pet",  known also as "Filbert scented pelargonium" and "Concolor Lace"

When overwintered indoor under artificial light, its wired branches have grown into a desired shape and were just gently pruned (the plant has around 40 cm high). I may assure you that it is a prolific bloomer and,  after a month since started to bloom, has tens of florets which are continuing to fascinate me.

scented Pelargonium Shottesham Pet, Concolor Lace, Filbert flowers


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