Monday, March 19, 2012

Tussie-Mussie and Boutonniere

I start thinking again about Tussie-Mussie and Boutonnieres due the request of one of our friends to help them making the floral arrangements at their wedding.

Tussie-Mussie with Scented-leaved Pelargoniums and Bay-Laurel branches
Tussie-Mussie with Scented-leaved Pelargoniums and Bay-Laurel branches

Hystorically, a tussie-mussie  (known also as nosegay) is a small, exquisite cluster of  flowers that can be used for almost any occasion: to express  congratulations and birthday greetings or to decorate festive tables at celebration gatherings.

Boutonniere with rose-scented pelargonium flowers and bay-laurel leaves
Boutonniere with rose-scented pelargonium flowers
I have made bridal bouquets (Tussie-Mussie), assorted hand-held bouquets for maids and boutonnieres for few bridal showers and weddings. Of course, I've used all the time scented pelargoniums leaves and  flowers. I like to combine various scents and even to add small branches in bloom when making them.

The symbolic meaning of some of the leaves / flowers used in those dainty arrangements has been inherited from old times.  There are dozens of floral dictionaries already published, but I mention just the meanings of my favorite plants: red geranium  flowers for health and protection, pink geranium flowers for grace, beauty and devotion, mauve geranium flowers for faithfulness, white geranium flowers for friendship and loyalty.

 Boutonniere with pink roses and scented pelargoniums leaves
Boutonniere with roses

The scents and shapes of the leaves also have kept their meanings over the years:  the rose-scented and lemon-rose scented crinkled leaves for true love and friendship;  balm or lemon-balm scented pelargoniums for sympathy,  pine-scented fern-leaved pelargoniums (filicifolium)   for sincerity , oak-leaved pelargoniums for true friendship, nutmeg-scented pelargonium (xFragrans)  for loyalty.
Of course, in my floral arrangements you may find not only pelargoniums  and geraniums. Talking through their meanings, I'm using also other plants like Bay Laurel leaves for victory,  baby's breath for innocence, roses for preference, friendship and true love, rosemary for remembrance, red basil for best wishes, marjoram for kindness and courtesy and myrtle for fidelity.

You can  let  your imagination and creativity to run when tie flower bouquet with rubber band and strips of fabrics assorted with the theme of the event. It is a delightful task  of playing with colors, textures, scents when arranging flowers and herbs together, until you have the type of  tussie-mussie you want.


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