Friday, June 3, 2011

PJM Rhododendron Bonsai

P.J.M. Rhododendron is considered one of the hardiest rhododendrons, being very tolerable at large variations of temperatures and light conditions.  I like very much this variety because it is one of the tiniest rhododendron looking more delicate than traditional rhodo's, being a perfect choice for bonsai.
PJM Rhododendron bonsai trained in semicascade style
PJM Rhododendron bonsai trained in semicascade style

In one of my previous posts I told you about one PJM rhododendron used in a custom-made saikei.  I really like its compact and dense foliage which is changing the color during the year from mahogany color in fall-winter to green color in summer. At this time, after the flowers passed, it has a lot of seedpods and the new foliage is enlighten the dark-green look of the plant with a mild grey-green tone. 

PJM rhododendron seedpods and summer foliage
PJM rhododendron seedpods and summer foliage

I love it because it is a scented-leaf rhododendron. Its elliptical-shaped leaves are aromatic if are crushed, with a mild tone of black pepper, limes and candy, unfortunately not edible ;-)

I like also how is looking in spring covered by small mauve-purple flowers. It is an abundant spring-blooming shrub, and the flowers are also scented with limes and candy notes.

PJM rhododendron flowers
PJM rhododendron flowers

P.J.M. rhododendrons are definitely outdoor bonsai, very easy to care in Vancouver's climate,  but although is a very hardy rhododendron, is better to protect their roots from winter frost and to avoid to over-water them. 

PJM rhododendron bonsai trained in broom style
PJM rhododendron bonsai

In the last two years we trained few PJM Rhododendrons as bonsai in broom, semi-cascade, slanting or windsept styles and, whatever shape you choose for them,  it is a real pleasure to have them around in any season.   
Don't you think they are lovely?


Xenia said...

Definitely lovely! The foliage by itself is really pretty and then the addition of the purple flowers really gives a great look!

Karthick Creators said...

I dont know much but i just bought bonsai
, it is cool and very little info i know that i can share and next
time my bonsai tree going to be public when i got couple more of them

Bonsai is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai. A
"bon" is a tray-like pot typically used in bonsai culture.[2] The word
bonsai is often used in English as an umbrella term for all miniature trees
in containers or pots, but this article focuses on bonsai as defined in the
Japanese tradition.

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