Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sudowoodo - Fukien Tea Bonsai

Sudowoodo bonsai - Fukien Tea
Sudowoodo bonsai - Fukien Tea

Few months ago, we found an almost "petrified" bonsai in one of our visits at Rona stores. Well, yes, seems unbelievable, but the plant was totally uprooted from pot, with tips turning black and many leaves already drooped, while the others were yellow - brown. On the trunk were two ugliest wounds and the bark seemed to be petrified... Although the plant was unlabelled, we recognized its leaves as Fukien Teas'. Although it was in such a bad shape, because the trunk had such a bizarre form, like any bonsai enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge, we decided to take it home.

Fukien Tea (Carmona microphylla) is an evergreen tree originating in China, with small, shiny dark green leaves if is well cared.
Sudowoodo - Fukien Tea bonsai
Fukien Tea bonsai
Fukien Tea has light brown bark that begins to crack with age... and judging the cracked look of its bark and the more than 3 cm dimension of the trunk at base, this one is old enough. Now and then, and especially in summer months, Fukien Tea tree produces miniature white flowers followed by tiny round green, red or black berries. It make a great indoor bonsai all year round, nice to care and trouble free from insects and diseases.

This one has a lot of flower buds and I'm waiting to see it in bloom.
Fukien Tea flower buds
Fukien Tea flower buds

First time when I saw its trunk, my thoughts were flying to the Sudowoodo character, one of our favorites from poke-world ;-) ... so we re-stylized its shape in a "Sudowoodo bonsai".   I was influenced in this decision also by the petrified look of the plant when we purchased it -  similar with Sudowoodo's which has a plant-like appearance but it is closer to a rock than a plant.

fukien tea affected foliage
Fukien tea affected foliage

We re-potted (better said we planted it, because its dried roots were uprooted from pot) the plant in a big bonsai pot (20cm x 25 cm), cleaned the dried and affected foliage and applied  few days a pest and disease treatment with a mix of chamomile tea and Hydrogen peroxide.

Few weeks later, once on the branches appeared new shoots, we were sure that the plant was save it. And when the new foliage started to grow, we started shaping the first stage of the trunk, giving it a new look.

Fukien Tea bonsai - top branch with new shoots
Fukien Tea bonsai - top branch with new shoots

Fukien tea bark and carved wound
carved wound

First we cut it down the driftwood and trimmed the opposite branches.

We let a trimmed branch on top of the log-shaped trunk, and two branches as hands. It was a decision for us to take about the angle of the trunk and how much to carve the wounds.When we finished the transformation, we reapplied the pest and disease treatment and fed the plant.

 Sudowoodo bonsai(Fukien Tea)
Sudowoodo Pokemon

Don't you think that looks like a Sudowoodo bonsai?


RaisingGreenRichmondKids said...

thanks for following the green blog hop. Great photos too.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It's amazing what a little tender loving care can do!

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