Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scented pelargoniums seeds collected from my garden

Pelargoniums are closely related to true Geraniums. Most of the cultivated Scented Pelargoniums have their origins in South Africa and usually are commercialized like "Scented Geranium", their early on adopted name.

Scented pelargonium seeds flowers and leaves

Vancouver has a moderate oceanic climate  and I grown my pelargoniums outdoor in pots in the late spring, summer and early fall and brought indoors to avoid freezing temperatures in late autumn, winter and early spring,  even though this area has relatively mild winters with little snow. Pelargoniums are easy to care and they need a well-drained soil,  full sun - some shade and require very little water. Recommended is to plant them in  clay pots because prevent accumulation of excess humidity. You can remove them periodically from pots, but if you want to bloom and to make seeds, avoid re-poting them in summer. Pelargoniums can be propagated from stem cuttings, root division or seeds, the preferred propagation method being from cuttings.

Scented pelargoniums seeds flowers and leaves

My lovely pelargonium plants made a lot of clusters of flowers this summer, each flower having five petals arranged with two upper petals often larger and more richly colored and three lower.
Just few varieties of pelargonium made small curly-tailed brownish seeds:

- Pelargonium quercifolium, Fair Ellen, Oakleaf

Pelargonium quercifolium, Fair Ellen, Oakleaf

- Pelargonium grossularioides: Coconut scented

 Pelargonium grossularioides: Coconut, Pelargonium parriflorum

- Pelargonium crispum: Frensham Lemon variety

Pelargonium crispum: Frensham Lemon variety

 - Pelargonium x citrosum: Citrosa and Prince of Orange varieties

 Pelargonium Citrosum, Citrosa
Pelargonium Citrosum, Prince of Orange

 - Pelargonium Capitatum, Attar of Roses, Drusaim, Wildemalva.

 Pelargonium Capitatum, Attar of Roses, Drusaim, Wildemalva

- Pelargonium Graveolens:  Lady Plymouth and Rober's Lemon-Rose varieties

 Pelargonium Graveolens: Lady Plymouth
Pelargonium Graveolens: Rober's Lemon-Rose

I do not know yet if  from these seeds collected from my garden will grow same varieties of plants or I will obtain new hybrids if cross-pollination process happened in my garden. I will see this next growing season.

If anyone wants to buy or trade (aromatic plants only) scented pelargonium  (geranium) seeds, just email me.

Scented Pelargoniums  leaves, seeds and flowers


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