Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pelargoniums x Fragrans

Pelargonium x fragrans has an attractive foliage with spicy-nutmeg fragrance. There are many x fragrans varieties derived from the wild pelargonium fragrans, all of them prolific bloomers (a real delight for the foraging bees), drought resistant plants with soft, lobed, slightly undulated leaves.

Pelargonium xFragrans: tutti-fruity (left) and white-nutmeg (right)
Pelargonium x fragrans: Tutti-Fruity (left) and White-Nutmeg (right)

There are  many traits inherited from their parent, the true pelargonium fragrans, the most important being the smell of the leaves: a powerful nutmeg spicy scent having various fruity, chocolate, cloves undertones. Below are just some characteristics of the cultivars from our collection:

- Pink Nutmeg:
     * large rounded fan-shaped leaves with nutmeg-spicy flavor and a slightly chocolate undertone beneath the nutmeg fragrance.
     * short stems with greenish color when young which became woody when aging, having bushy growing habit with clusters of leaves starting freely almost from the same spot of  the stem
     * blooming from spring to autumn with clusters of pink flowers with dark red veins on the upper petals

Pelargonium xfragrans pink-nutmeg variety
Pelargonium x fragrans:  pink - nutmeg variety

- White Nutmeg:
     * large fan- shaped leaves with nutmeg-spicy  fragrance and a cloves undertone beneath the nutmeg fragrance,
     * stems with greenish color when young and became woody when aging, having a compact growing habit, columnar  (more than 50 cm high) with many branches.
     * prolific bloomer with umbels of white flowers with pink lines on the upper petals

Pelargonium xfragrans white-nutmeg variety
Pelargonium x fragrans on driftwood: White-Nutmeg variety

- Tutti - fruity :
     * green leaves with small, soft and crinkled undulated lobes exulting fruity-spicy  fragrance, with some cider undertones.
     *  dwarf cultivar with short stems with greenish- redish color when young and became woody when aging, having bushy growing habit with many branches
     * prolific bloomer with clusters of white flowers with pink lines on the upper petals

Pelargonium xFragrans: Tutti-Fruity  cultivar
Pelargonium x fragrans: Tutti-Fruity  cultivar

 - " Old Spicy" 
     * light green lobed leaves, larger than " Tutti-Fruity" cultivar but with similar fruity- spicy smell with cider undertones (is said that "Tutti-Fruity" is derived from it and inherited various traits from "Old Spicy" variety).
     * stems with greenish- redish color when young and became woody when aging, with freely columnar growing habit with many branches
     * prolific bloomer with clusters of white flowers ( larger than flowers of "Tutti-Fruity" cultivar, too)  with pink lines on the upper petals

Pelargonium x fragrans Old-spice cultivar

- " Apple - Nutmeg" 
     * a cross between pelargonium fragrans and pelargonium odoratissimum,
      * green leaves with small, soft and crinkled undulated lobes exulting  a sweet apple-nutmeg  fragrance,
     * bushy plant growing freely, making many short stems when young which became woody when aging,
     * prolific bloomer covered all the summer with clusters of small white flowers, flower buds and seed pods

Pelargonium x fragrans:  Apple - Nutmeg cultivar

Indeed, they come all shapes and sizes, all with fine undulated leaves and plenty of flowers.  Their smell has been fascinating me since first day when I've discovered them.  I can never define it exactly, and I always have fun discovering new perfume notes from the greater world of scented pelargonium  fragrances.


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