Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pelargonium Zonale 'Frank Headley'

Pelargonium "Frank Headley" is a beautiful variegated pelargonium zonale with silvery-green foliage awarded with "Award of Garden Merit (AGM)" .  Actually, the "AGM award" indicates that a plant is recommended by Royal Horticultural Society as a plant with outstanding excellence for garden decoration or use which is easy to care and is not susceptible to any pest or disease.

Pelargonium zonale Frank Headley in bloom
Pelargonium zonale "Frank Headley" in bloom

Pelargonium "Frank Headley'  is a prolific bloomer with purplish-pink flowers bursting from spring to autumn. This dwarf showy plant is an exquisite addition to any garden.

Pelargonium Frank Headley flower (with variegated sepals)
Pelargonium Frank Headley flower (with variegated sepals)

Its rounded leaves are shaded with irregular splotches of silvery-white on the edges and a colored dark-green spot in the center. It  is a tender perennial plant which reaches maturity in 2-5 years and can be kept for longer periods if overwintered indoor.

Although is said that this plant will not come true from seed, we will make our try with some of the ripen seeds (the plant has already seedpods).

Pelargonium zonale, x Hortorum, Frank Headley blooms with flowers, flower-buds and seedpods
Pelargonium zonale "Frank Headley" blooms with flowers, flower-buds and seedpods

Member of Geraniaceae family, the Botanical Name is Pelargonium x Hortorum "Frank Headley". It is also known as a fancy-leaved pelargonium  "Frank Headley" or garden geranium (hortorum is genitive plural of latin "hortus"= garden). Pelargoniums zonale are very popular in flower beds, containers, jardinieres and window boxes due to their multicolored abundant flowers and the wide range of variation in foliage colors, texture and markings.

 "Frank Headley"'s is a hybrid with pink flowers and fancy leaves which bring color into my garden. My only regret is that the leaves have no scent, nor the flowers ;-)

Pelargonium zonale, x Hortorum, Frank Headley in bloom potted in coral-pink ceramic pot
Pelargonium Zonale 'Frank Headley' -
The coral-pink pot displayed on floral painted table make an eye-catching arrangement



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