Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Secret Life of Plants

There are many studies suggesting that plants do indeed react to music. Despite those facts that the effect of sound waves make plants to grow healthier and larger, I'm sure our plants are sensitive to music :-)

We like to listen music and maybe this is one of the best reason why our plants feel good, the scent of their foliage is so pronounced and their shoots are growing more quickly ;-)

Journey through the Secret Life of Plants - Stevie Wonder album
(photo courtesy of wikipedia)

Long time ago I was listening Stevie Wonder’s album ‘Journey through the Secret Life of Plants’. Also, I have watched again ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ documentary realized in 1979, for some time now. This documentary, directed by Walon Green, was based on " The Secret Life of Plants" book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

Well, I saw it on TV for the first time and remains one of my favorite documentary. Thanks to Joetuuper to share it on his youtube channel. If you have some time, you should see it by yourself.

I'm still in awe, after years and years...I'm sure you're really gonna enjoy it, too.

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