Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saikei and Bonsai for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day  is a Day of Thanks for the good things of the last year, when families gather together, giving and sharing whatever the year bring to them. Started as American religious holiday to thanks for a good harvest and to celebrate the survival of the English pilgrims arrived in North America, it was made Official American Holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Saikei / Miniature Garden with Apple Nutmeg Scented Pelargonium for 2011 Thanksgiving Day
Saikei / Miniature Garden with "Apple Nutmeg" Scented Pelargonium for 2011 Thanksgiving Day

In the second Monday of October  (October 10th, 2011)  Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day with traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Day Parades and Harvest Festivals.

This may be the last chance in a while for some Canadian people to spend an enjoyable long weekend  participating on public events, hiking, biking, or spending time outdoor before winter sets in. 

Miniature Garden with pelargonium capitatum, attar of roses, and miniature roses
Miniature Garden with Pelargonium Capitatum and Mini-Roses

Like usual  (you may read more about our centerpieces in shells for 2010 Thanksgiving Day here), we did some special crafts for this special day.

Atomic Snowflake Pelargonium potted in giant shell - green craft made for 2010 Thanksgiving Day
Atomic Snowflake Pelargonium potted in giant shell - craft made for 2010 Thanksgiving Day
Have you spotted the yellow canoe ?

For this Thanksgiving Day we'll like to show you this miniature garden ... with an old Castle alongside the mountains' cliffs, sheltered by an old and healthy "Apple Nutmeg" pelargonium in bloom - as symbol for the apples harvested this fall. I'm almost sure this one will be the centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Miniature Garden with Apple Nutmeg Scented Pelargonium for 2011 Thanksgiving Day
Miniature Garden with Apple Nutmeg Scented Pelargonium exposed at October meeting of the Canadian Geraniums and Pelargoniums Society
"Show and Tell" table - Canadian Geranium and Pelargonium Society

The final retouch of this saikei (miniature landscape) was done last week, just in time for the "Show & Tell" category at 2011 October Meeting of the "Canadian Geranium and Pelargonium Society".

Now, let's return to our 2011 Thanksgiving Day crafts.

From our entire collection of scented-leaved pelargoniums, the powerful rose fragrance (with some notes of musk) emanated by "Attar of Roses" ( Pelargonium Capitatum) )  is by far the most loved one.

Pelargonium Capitatum, Drusaim, Attar of Roses pelargonium bonsai in square Japanese bonsai pot
Pelargonium Capitatum, "Attar of Roses" bonsai (Japanese pot)

This variety of  rose scented pelargonium, no matter how you call it (wildemalva, kokulu sardunya, Drusaim, 玫瑰天竺葵, РОЗОВАЯ ГЕРАНЬ,  ローズゼラニウム, or muscata parfumata) reinstates our childhood memories, when the Holiday's apple pies and jellies were flavored with its leaves.

Not just decorative, the rounded scalloped leaves of our "Attar of Roses" spread a powerful rose essence in the entire house, making the home a pleasant place for gatherings.

Pelargonium Capitatum, Drusaim, Attar of Roses bonsai in handpainted Chinese pot
Pelargonium Capitatum, Attar of Roses bonsai (handpainted pot)

Changing the note, let me explain my joyful meanings of Thanksgiving Day (in some funny ad-hoc verses)!? 

T = Time to spend Together when roasting Turkey on a special day.
H = Home decorating with bonsai and miniature gardens for Happiness and joy in this Holiday.
A = Abundance in the feelings when harvesting Apples and pumpkins in the Autumn's feast.
N = Nice things to remember when cheering and talking with Nephews and Neighbors; listen to Native songs and rest.
K = Kindness with the Kin coming over for scented pelargonium flavored dishes at Thanksgiving Dinner.
S = Sighting on Special pics, Sizzling for the finer foods which won't make us thinner :-)

GIVING  thanks for our blessings and for the cinnamon-apple pies,
and for another colorful autumn DAY greeting the eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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