Friday, September 2, 2011

Candy Dancer, a Delightful Houseplant

"Candy Dancer" is one of the scented pelargoniums which fills with joy my house and delights my sense of smell with a powerful lemon-rose scent.

Candy Dancer Bonsai

Its fern like leaves seems to dance in the wind due to their very indented, wavy margins. It is originating in South Africa and our plants were started from seeds bought from Cape Town two years ago.

With my previous articles, I told you about other lemon-rose scented pelargoniums like Atomic Snowflake, or Rober's Lemon Rose,  all of them having vigorous growing habit - which make them very decorative houseplants  and good background plants in the gardens over the summer.  

Candy Dancer hairy leaves glowing in sun light

Like the most scented pelargoniums, Candy Dancer, is not frost hardy plant and we keep them inside during the cold months. When outside, the sun warms gently their leaves each summer-days, and makes their hairy surface to glow.

Candy Dancer small pink flower

Bloom intermittently but their very small five-petaled pink flowers are hidden under the leaves. It has a very compact growing habit, with upright stems (perfect to be trained in form of columns) and a great density of leaves. We love its aroma in cookies and jellies and some plants are left untrimmed  to produce as many leaves as possible.

Candy Dancer forest bonsai

Others were shaped and potted in bonsai pots ...  and believe me, it cheers our spirit every time when touching leaves, wiring branches or trimming outer shoots or leaves.

We enjoyed letting the kids play with their dalmatian figures and choosing a spot for one of them in the mini-forest arrangement.

Dalmatian hidden in Candy Dancer Forest Bonsai

Don't you think it looks cute?


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