Monday, May 9, 2011

Scented bonsai Marie Thomas

Update: 20.06.2011

Scented pelargonium Marie Thomas blooming bonsai after 5 months of training in cascade style
Scented pelargonium "Marie Thomas" after 5 months of training in cascade style

Scented Pelargonium (Geranium) "Marie Thomas" is a very good plant to be trained as cascade bonsai  - this is our opinion... based on the results seen in the next photos.

Scented pelargonium Marie Thomas cascade bonsai with flowers

Scented pelargonium (geranium) Marie Thomas flowers

Its harmonious growing habit with  small mid-green leathery leaves having a vanilla-rose scent make this cultivar a good plant for hanging baskets and because are drought-tolerant plants that bloom repeatedly all the summer - it is also suitable for xeriscaping. This plant may be kept indoors but our plants are already trained to stay outside in Vancouver's climate. They started to bloom  and during the summer they may became large plants with dozens of light, lavender flowers if are left untrimmed. The bees, butterflies and birds consider them an unique attraction...

Scented pelargonium (geranium) Marie Thomas flowers and leaves

As you already know, we prefer controlling their size and shape, keeping them in bonsai pots and pruning during the growing season.  The trimmings can be utilized in potpourri, scented sachets and cooking - (believe me - you may enjoy one of the best scented sugar if use their leaves to flavor sugar). 

Although it is not a common variety of scented pelargonium/ geranium, most people grow them for their aromatic and persistent/ evergreen foliage. It is an overlooking fragrant plant which make a nice addition to any house (when is kept indoor) or scented garden.

Don't you like such an edible scented miniature bonsai?  
Scented pelargonium (geranium) Marie Thomas trained in cascade bonsai style


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