Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wolf, the Guardian of Miniature Ficus Forest

Wolf, the Guardian of Miniature Ficus Forest - group of 5 ficus benjamina variegatedAlthough in my miniature landscape it is just a "lone wolf",  I consider the wolf a very friendly and social creature. One of the first historical stories heard in my childhood about Romans, one of my forefathers, was the legend of the she-wolf, the founder of Rome, who found, suckled and raised two twins brothers named Romulus and Remus.

 Romulus and Remus are Suckled by a Kindly Wolf Giclee Poster Print by Victor Jean Adam, 18x24      

The Dacians and Thracians (my other ancestors) were known as fearless fighters under  the Wolf-Dragon flag (named also "dracones"). The Wolf-Dragon banner, having a Wolf head ending through a Dragon tail, was symbol of the brotherhood and bravery of the warriors and also a symbol of the immortality and protection against evil forces.

In Native American tradition, the Wolf is the keeper of knowledge and wisdom, and the teacher who tells people to learn to value their inner knowledge and spirituality.The totem wolf appears frequently in North American amulets and totem poles as a representative of friendliness, deep faith, loyalty, generosity and profound understanding - I know this because we are located in Vancouver and in British Columbia the wolf is a frequent native American Indian symbol presents in carvings, artisan crafts or dream-catchers.

   Magic Howling Wolf Head Unique Black Onyx Gemstone Spiritual Protection Amulet Pendant Necklace    Dreams Of The Wild Wolf Art Native American-Style Dreamcatcher Wall Decor by The Bradford Exchange    Lone Wolf Statue Figure Magnificent Sculpture

The wolf is also among with many ancient cultures: among the ancestry of Genghis Khan or with the Odin's victory from the Norse mythology. In Egypt the wolf-headed god Anubis was the guardian of the dead and the protector of the souls that entered the underworld. In Celtic tradition, the wolf teaches people to feel strength and power when acting in groups, and represents a symbol of loyalty, intuition, transformation and protection.

The wolf related to the dogs symbolizes  friendship, freedom and toughness, and I had the privilege to have a wolfdog as a companion for a short period. He possess a high intellect and is making himself very well understood using body movements, subtle sights and vocal expressions... anybody wants to have such qualities ;-)

Wolf figurine, the Guardian of Miniature Landscape

Well... he is the wolf guardian of the "miniature ficus forest".  He protects the Ficus Benjamina Variegated plants ( a group of 5 plants) that grow on top of the hill and is wandering throughout the meadows (accent plants, moss, grass) that streching to the downhill and on the wide plains downward the forest :-)

This wolf  is the source of power and good luck for those around him and pathfinder to find new creative ideas ;-)  Anybody want to be protected and to dream in a magical world... Do you like such a guardian?

Wolf figurine, the Guardian of Miniature Ficus Forest


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