Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tale of the Red Dragon

I grew up with my grandfather's stories from his "bottomless hunting stories bag" and every night my mind had filled with magical, powerful life examples scattered with wisdom quotes.

I loved his stories with Princes ... multiple-headed Red Dragons who kidnapped Princesses ... Kings with vast kingdoms, which rewards those who saved the Princesses ... with good and bad Witches who influenced the course of all events :-)
Red Dragon

In the "Land of Dragons" grass were grey-red and  sulfur odored, even the trees were red :-).
In the Good Kingdom, everything was green; the sun was shining and birds chirping.
Always Princes fought against Dragons and ... always saved Princesses. 

DragonArtDrawing Dragons: Learn How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons

The Dragons are found in many myths and legends: Chinese dragons bring good luck, in Persian, Greeks, Romanian and Celtic cultures is an incarnation of evil, and in modern times they are seen like primary forces of Nature and the Universe.

The Art of How to Train Your DragonHow To Train Your Dragon

I’ve always been intrigued by the Red Trees and Red Dragons with theirs magical and supernatural powers. Now I have my own Red Dragon Tree that combines those two different concepts from childhood.

 Acer Palmatum / Red Dragon bonsai

My Japanese "Acer palmatum dissectum Red Dragon" is a lace leaf weeping and has arching branches clothed with large, deeply and finely cut garnet-red leaves.

I am sure it will not kidnap any Princess like in my childhood tales and will bring me good luck.

 Acer Palmatum / Red Dragon Leaves


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