Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stevia Propagation from Seeds

Stevia Rebaudiana is a plant used to sweeten drinks, cookies and other baked goods. It is also known as Ka'a he'ê, Sweetleaf, Sweet Leaf, Sugarleaf, Sweet herb of Paraguay, Caa-ehe,  Honey leaf or Yerba Dulce and can be used in almost any way that ordinary table sugar or other sweetener are used.

Stevia Rebaudiana leaves, sweetleaf, sugarleaf, sweet herb of Paraguay

We included stevia leaves and powder as natural sweetener in our teas (for better flavor add just before drinking it) last year and believe me, we were impressed by its taste.  Also we love to sprinkle stevia powder on top of fresh cut fruits: grapefruits, pears and strawberries. It is a real delight to enrich any herbal  herbal tea with scented lemon-rose pelargonium leaves and sweetened with stevia dried leaves. Stevia leaves can be used fresh or dried, like any other aromatic herbs.

We've read long time ago about Stevia Rebaudiana higher level of sweetens (30-45 times) than ordinary sugar cane and about its long usage by Guarani people (for more than 1500 years) as natural sweet delight and safe medicinal herb. In Canada, Stevia Rebaudiana is available just as a dietary supplement and for personal culinary use ( ) although in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, South America, Russia and recently in European Union (December 2011) is cultivated and used as food additive (sweetener), too.

 Stevia Rebaudiana seeds

There are a lot of information available online about its usage as a calorie-free sweetener in weight-loss therapy and treatment for people suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia, and high blood pressure because has no carbohydrates. There are also a lot of products available in stores which contain stevia extracts like Truvia (by Cargill Ltd. ) and PureVia (by Merisant Worldwide Inc.). You know that something big is coming when brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Danone, planning to introduce products using stevia sweetener  - you may read more on Globe and Mail website - an interesting article published 3 years ago: Stevia is sweet – but is it safe?

Well, important is that we really like the taste of stevia leaves, which is bitter and different  flavored from the common sugar. So, we decided to grow our own Stevia Rebaudiana plants, from seeds.

We started our new adventure armed with a lot of information about what are the basic requirements to grow stevia plants:
- plant the seeds on the surface of a sandy-loamy soil with a PH on the acid side,
- keep them covered with a clear plastic (to maintain the humidity ) in full light during germination period,
- keep them indoor under fluorescent light 14-16 hours per day.
- wait for 5-10 days before uncover the plastic tray, to allow all viable seeds to germinate. 
- water them moderately from bottom and spray the seedlings with chamomile tea to avoid dump-off.

 Stevia Rebaudiana seedlings potted in soil blocks

 Stevia Rebaudiana small plants potted in soil blocks
Is said that the seeds have low germination rate and we sowed few seeds in small soil-cubes - our favorite method to start seeds for this winter :). Similar with scentedleaf pelargoniums, Stevia is a perennial plant that can be pinch it out to make it bushier and cut down to prepare for overwintering indoor. Very important is that any time when you prune it, you may use the trimmings, although the best time to harvest stevia leaves is when the plants started to bloom.

A month after we sow the seeds and the second set of leaves appeared, we replanted the seedlings outside, on  rows, in a raised bed  having 4 inches high and one feet wide.

 Stevia Rebaudiana small plants potted in a raised bed

We maintain the soil moist (In Vancouver it is a somehow difficult task to avoid overwatering) and we are amazed that after a full-week of sun exposure, the plant stems and new buds started to have a reddish color.

 Stevia Rebaudiana small plants

As we told with various occasions, we consider the returning to ancient knowledge about plants the best way to improve our  life and we like to find natural alternatives to many chemicals used nowadays in processing foods and medicines. Growing our own Stevia sweet-leaves is just another safe step to improve the taste and quality of our food.


Xenia said...

Is it weird that I think that the stevia plants are cute? I love the photo of them all in their perfect little square plots! :)

Very cool info, I have to admit that I've never thought about stevia beyond just sweetening some food!

mtom said...

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travis said...

It was nice reading about Stevia Rebaudiana, and since I have always been a fan of non-traditional sweeteners, I think it fits the bill. So many names and that they can easily replace regular sugar amazes me. This is something I am not very sure how a Copywriting Service could help be effective if it’s going to focus on selling lots of benefits.


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