Friday, August 12, 2011

Fern Leaf, the Pine Scented Pelargonium

Rose scented pelargoniums / geraniums have always been the most popular of the fragrant-leaved types ... but the pine scented really will make you to love it once you  discover it and why not, will add a little flavor and spice to your life.

 pelargonium denticulatum, fern leaf, pine scented bonsai

Most people likes the pleasant fragrance of pine. And if you mix the pleasure of smell with the delightful image of the finely divided leaves with a lacy appearance (like fern leaves) and a sticky hairy texture .... the result  will be the beauty of the Pelargonium Denticulatum plant.

Known also as Fern-Leaved Pelargonium, Pine Scented Pelargonium, Geranium Pine, Fern Leaf Geranium or Pelargonium Filicifolium,  is a drought resistant plant, easy to care and very suitable to be grown in sunny spots.

 pelargonium denticulatum, pine scented and finely divided leaves

Its feathery leaves release a strongly pine scent (balm) when brushed against or crushed.

 pelargonium denticulatum, fern leaf, pine scented flower

This plant was grown with accent plants in this small bonsai pot  in last half of year. I was really happy to see how it bring into flower.

It has a distinctive lavender flowers with the 2 upper petals divided...looking different... like having 7 petals not 5 like all pelargoniums.

 pelargonium denticulatum, filicifolium, fern leaf, pine scented bonsai

It was wired for two months to obtain this shape... you can remark the wire in this picture taken two months ago.  What can I say?  It is an interesting houseplant easy of culture, with showy leaves and flowers. I love the idea that from a tiny seed you may obtain such a beauty...


Ulf Eliasson said...

I belive the plant in the picture is the cultivar 'Filicifolium' and not P. deticulatum (in a narrow sense). 'Filicifolium' often has these deeply cleft upper petals while P. denticulatum only has the upper petals slightly notched.
Pelargonium 'Balsam' might be another name for 'Filicifolium'.

Scented Leaf said...

Thank you for your comment. You're right. As per my understanding, too, the specie is Pelargonium Denticulatum, Filicifolium being a cultivar.

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