Monday, March 21, 2011

Miniature landscapes at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Miniature landscapes exposed at Ashenzi booth at Vacouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Usually, I try not to make promises I can't keep.  One of my favourite proverbs is " Just keeping your word is not enough, make sure you don't delay your promise". So, as I promised in my previous article Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show , I come back to you with details.

Vancouver Convention Centre Entrance Hall

Saturday was a pleasant day in which we have reached almost all of our targets to "The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show".

Ashenzi booth decorated with our saikei , miniature landscapes at Vacouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

First of all, I want to tell you that the Ashenzi booth was decorated with both miniature landscapes we made for them. They enjoyed the arrangements so much and decided to rent both for the show.

Furthermore, without being modest, you can see by yourself that our miniature gardens given a special look to their stand ;-)

saikei with pjm rhododendron at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

On arrival, we were wandering the intense and crowded alley of the show, and we located where the Terry Grant's appearance to the show will be.

Terry Grant / the Mantracker

I got his autograph and I took some pictures with him!
Don't envy me, you don't know how much I was waiting to get it!!!
Terry Grant / the Mantracker's autograph

 "The best way to keep one's word is not to give it." Napoleon Bonaparte

It was an achievement, because we promised to the kids that we will see Terry Grant's reactions in a "real show" and we will obtain his autograph.

travel photography workshop bannerWe participated, also, to one Travel Photography Workshop presented by Kerrisdale Cameras starting with 1:45pm: and we have listened many tips " Accessories, Gadgets & Gizmos: What gear to Grab". Later we have admired the Olympus photo cameras.

olympus booth at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

As an extra for our hobby to create miniature landscapes ... we enjoyed the zipcars miniatures... don't you think are quite funny those cars which accelerating under zipcars street banners? ;-)

miniature zipcars at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Walking through the "Adventure and Travel Pavilion", we noticed the touristic offers from all over the world.

Visiting the stands, we were joining the adventure of fishing to West Coast, trekking in Himalaya's wilderness, cruising and diving on Vancouver Island.

wilderness trekking poster Hope centre and Fraser River Rafting booth

Also, we were flirting with the idea of participating in rafting expeditions on Fraser River or hiking expeditions in Uganda, the pearl of Africa ;-)

Chilliwack river rafting poster
Uganda booth at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

White water demo pool banner at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel ShowIn the last pavilion visited by us, "Canoe and Cayak Expo" we were very impressed by the real demonstrations on the White Water Demo Pool. Don't you think that is amazing to see such a pool assembled indoor?White water demo pool at Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show


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