Monday, February 14, 2011

Bonsly, the Pokemon Bonsai

Recently, I was amused to learn about Bonsly, the Pokemon that resembles a small bonsai plant. Although our kids are huge Pokemon's fans, and we spent many hours talking about PokeWorld and playing Pikachu's Adventures in PokePark, we didn't notice the similarities of many Pokemon personages with natural elements until this weekend, when I discovered a new facet of the Pokemons.

Bonsly, the Pokemon Bonsai

Interesting is how fast they learn all features of their Pokemon cards, how and when to use their special powers, what's their genealogy, how they evolve and what are the differences between Pokemon's generations.

The most notable example, which captivated my attention was Bonsly (considered a baby-pokemon) who evolves in Sudowoodo after knowing the move MIMIC (at level 17 !?).

So once I discovered these cards (Bonsly and Sudowoodo), I took this opportunity to talk again with our kids about Bonsai, grass, rocks, trees and forest: they shared us their Pokemon's knowledge and we enhanced their perception using examples from nature. Everybody learned something new that day ... including us.

Bonsly is a brown Pokémon with a round body, 3 leaves on its head with a club shape, short legs and a hole on its rear similar to the draining hole that a flowerpot has. It looks like a Grass Pokemon but it is a Rock-type Pokemon because the leaves on it's head are really rocks, and it's body is coated with stone.
Being a Rock-type, it can get weak if its body contains to much water, so it adjusting its body's fluid levels by eliminating water excess from both sides of its body. Very interesting don't you think ?

Bonsly, the baby - bonsai  produces fake tears to get rid of excess fluids and this makes it appear to be crying.

Bonsly lives usually in Trophy Gardens and was introduced in generation IV.
I bet you didn't know that :-)

In my World, Bonsly could be a great Bonsai ... perhaps with asymmetrical branches and a glazed pot for better contrast. Don't you think? :-)

Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo, which has brown, log-shaped body, a trimmed branch on top of its head, short legs and green leaves as club-shaped hands. It has a plant-like appearance but it is also closer to a rock than to a plant: it is based on "petrified wood" (fossilized plants over time) more like a Rock Incense!? Aha!


In Poke-world, Sudowoodo lives in southern forests and it is a strong rock-type Pokemon that has an aversion to battle and hates water - usually stands along paths but it hides from rain and camouflages itself as a tree in a forest in order to avoid to be attacked. What a nice description for a petrified wood.
In my World ... the more I look at Sudowoodo ... the more I am inclined to "air-layer" his branches to create two new bonsai :-)

If you are parents, grandparents, aunts our uncles - you know how magic the word "Pokemon" is for your kids. Over the years, a huge industry developed under this brand - cards, games, movies, video-games, Wii games, toys ... and almost every kid has a "Pokemon period".
Go now and impress your kids with your knowledge about "Bonsly the Pokemon Bonsai."


Xenia said...

Fortunately my kids are too young to have gotten into Pokemon, but I had no idea that there was actual "knowledge" behind them! That makes them seem a little better in my eyes! :)

Leovi said...

Excellent idea to bring nature to children.

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Our son collected Pokemon cards when he was young and still has his collection today. I used to know more about them but have forgotten most of it. Pikachu is still my favorite! :)

Jonsina said...

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Jonsina said...

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