Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic Vancouver Aquarium

Did you ever visit Vancouver Aquarium? I love the Ocean and abundant marine life and I was impressed when I visited this unique and magic venue from Vancouver.

 Dolphins at Vancouver AquariumBeluga Wales at Vancouver Aquarium
Charismatic Flippers and amazing Beluga Wales are interacting with people during their training sessions.

I love to encounter them behind the scene and to find out face-to-face what it is like to feed and train them alongside their trainers.

  Children amazed by Beluga Wales at Vancouver AquariumChildren are amazed and are trying to hug them.
Dolphin at Vancouver Aquarium

Jellyfish at Vancouver Aquarium

Walking along shoreline habitats, you can find Sea Otters, Seals, exotic fish and other animals and species that you did not expect to see. Jellyfish exhibit are great and the water jelly’s are dancing with grace around their unconventional habit space. Amazing sea stars, anemones, crustaceans, together with other marine species are deposited in huge tanks, in the mud and sand, compacted and/or fossilized.
Starfish and Anemones at Vancouver AquariumStarfish at Vancouver Aquarium

By revealing those, I share with you my amazing adventure inside the marine wildlife secrets.

It blessed my soul and if you enjoy aquatic life, you should go there to see it!


Mari said...

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. This looks like an amazing place to visit!

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